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About The Products

  • Teak is the world’s most valuable and versatile hardwood. It’s often referred to as the “King of Woods”. It is extremely durable and develops a unique non-skid property underfoot, even when wet. It is highly rot resistant and rarely warps or cracks. If not treated, some prefer the wood to turn grey/silver over time but if you like the natural color of teak then it has to be maintained. In order to maintain the wood you must treat with teak oil once or twice a season, if left to long between treatments a two part deck wash is available to bring back the natural color of the wood. If needed the deck wash is an easy do it your self application, a light sand may be needed before re-applying teak oil. Skene Marine will be happy to answer any questions you may have just give us a call.
  • Teak is perfect for yacht decks because it is strong and elastic and once seasoned, it holds its shape. As it weathers, new teak decking gradually turns gray or silver
Synthetic Teak
  • PlasDECK is a great alternative to solid teak and has become very popular in the marine industry, it's a no maintenance product that looks like teak and is a non skid material. PlasDECK doesn't come in just teak but in a variety of colors: Classic black line - Off white - Cool teak - Silver matalic - Ebony. So if your looking for a maintenance free deck that looks great for years to come then PLasDECK is your right choice. Skene Marine will make a template/pattern of your deck so your new decking fits right.
Interior Flooring
  • Engineered flooring:  Engineered flooring has become more an more popular with today's boaters, getting rid of those dirty stained mildew carpets that never seem to come clean even after steam cleaning. Engineered flooring does not expand or contract like solid wood flooring, causing buckling due to the changing temperatures and humidity, engineered flooring is not effected with temperature or humidity change making it the popular interior flooring choice, looks rich and beautiful and is very durable. It's not laminate flooring but made with actual wood and finishes. So if your tired of those messy carpets then check out all the choices that this flooring has to offers at your local flooring or building store, just select the floor you like and let Skene Marine Decking and Flooring do the rest.

Why Use Synthetic Flooring?
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